Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My first sewing project!!

I am so happy with this!! It is my first sewing project and I love it!
The instructions for the basic blouse can be found here . Very well explained and for beginners like me!!

I added some details in the front (a little hand stitch accent and a bit of hand smocking)

I hope my little two year  old enjoys it! When I showed it to her today, she said: "Oh, a shirt for me. It's perfect!" That is the most wonderful compliment I ever got :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gift cards using Trader Joe's bags

For this project you can actually use any type of card or paper...Even old greeting cards, thank you cards, etc can be recycled in this way. It is also a project you can do with kids, who usually love to punch holes :) or even older kids who know the basics of crochet.

You will need:

Yarn of colour you prefer for the project
Crochet hook

These are very basic, but there is so many possibilities!! Cotton white thread on white cardstock could be very pretty for special occasions... especially with a more intrincate lace trimming...